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Our story


ICC is precursor of iCCARE, the first chiropractic in Hanoi, specializing in the treatment of neurological diseases, spinal cord, muscles, bones, joints. With a team of experienced foreign doctors, experienced technicians and advanced equipment, we have contributed to successful treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

The diseases we usually treat include herniated discs, vertebral disc herniation, spinal degeneration in general and vertebral cancers in particular, scoliosis, lumbar pain, sciatica, neck pain – napping, headache and migraine, ligaments, tendons and muscles in elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet, sports injuries, problems during pregnancy and postpartum.


Chiropractic, the spinal treatment of the United States, is the method of manipulating the smallest distortion in the spine to relieve the compression of the distal vertebrae or the dislodged disc on the spinal cord encouraging self-recovery mechanism of the body.

The spinal cord and nervous system along the spine are responsible for regulating the functioning of the entire body to the individual cells of the body. Therefore, in order for the body to be healthy, it is necessary to have an optimal spinal system. The spine shape must be maintained to avoid causing any compression, impact on spinal system.

Chiropractic with no use of injection, find and treat the disease, which causes symptoms such as pain, feeling weak, fatigue, numbness, help patients recover actively, minimize multi-need surgery. With the treatment regimen in accordance with the condition, the patient not only cured but also protected and maintains the function of the spine to human health, endurance, prolonged youth, push back degeneration process.

Found in the United States 120 years ago, chiropractic is a treatment for joint problems and health care, widely used in the world because of safety, effectiveness and cost reasonable cost. Currently there are about 70,000 CHIROPRACTIC centers in the US and 65 other countries. The general trend in the world is toward the limited treatment of drug use, injection and surgery.

So in the US and other advanced countries in the world, Chiropractic is considered to be the most effective solution and is considered the first use of traditional intra-articular solutions to treat osteoarthritis. With the development of modern science and technology, Chiropractic is widely applied not only in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases but also to health care for all ages including infants, pregnant women and lactating, athletes of basketball teams, football… big in the world. Famous golfers like Tiger Wood or superstars have their own chiropractic physicians.

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