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Intelect Neo Equipment

Intelect Neo Equipment

The Interlect Neon or BTL equipment is a high-end machine which combines ultrasound therapy and electro-pulse therapy. These two devices are designed and manufactured by Chattanoga (USA) & BTL (UK). In essence, these two devices are similar in character with the view to using four electrodes and an ultrasound at the same time.

Ultrasound therapy with Interlect Neo device can change the volume of cells, increase cell membrane permeability, increase the metabolism, stimulate the process of regeneration of the organization, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling. Ultrasound therapy with Interlect Neo equipment specilizing in treatment:

  • Damage to bones, joints and muscles after injury.
  • Arthritis, joint degeneration, synovitis.
  • Peripheral neuropathy, due to herniated disc herniation.
  • The wounds to knit together long, organized swelling.

Electrotherapy with Interlect Neo device stimulates neuromuscular, increases circulation on the spot by the direct stimulation of the blood vessels, inhibits the sensory center by increasing the anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling, releasing local compressions, increasing local excretion, increasing metabolite excretion in place, increasing muscle force and restore paralysed musclar force, decreasing inflammation by increasing circulation, increasing metabolism and increasing local phagocytic regeneration. Electrotherapy with Interlect Device Neo treats:

  • Acute and chronic neck, back pain.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Arthritis, joint degeneration.
  • Restore muscle contraction, joint degeneration.

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