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High Intensity Laser (HIL) – High frequency laser

High Intensity Laser (HIL) - High frequency laser

Laser frequency equipment is a new step in laser therapy. In recent years, based on the proven principle of Laser, only low frequency therapy (Cold Laser). Maximum laser output capacity is up to several tens of watts (W), 30 to 50 times higher than traditional low frequency laser therapy, so called high frequency laser.

Thanks to its high laser output power, the laser ray is able to penetrate into nearly any depth of the body (12W capacity allows optimum absorption rate and stimulates the pain receptors at higher depths of up to 12cm). This gives the high frequency laser the ability to stimulate and heal any pain points in the body.

The use of pulse laser with a wavelength of nearly 1,000 mm also produces optical fiber in the subcutaneous tissue. This optical stimulus inhibits the pain and provides immediate relief of pain. Some of the outstanding highlights of High Frequency Laser Therapy including:

  • No limit of penetration depth.
  • Short period of treatment time.
  • Efficiency of instantaneous pain relief.
  • Wide range of indications from acute to chronic lesions.
  • The patient feels very comfortable during treatment.

High frequency laser therapy achieves the goal of treating any pain in the body and provides effective treatment for acute and chronic injuries:

  • Pain relief (post traumatic, neurological, bone, joint pain).
  • Anti-inflammation of muscles, bones, joints and viscera.
  • Institutional stimulation (immediate wound / ulcer).
  • Anti-edema.
  • Open circuit.
  • Circulation reconciliation, especially microcircuit circulation.

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