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DOC bed – Equipment reducing spinal pressure

DOC bed - Equipment reducing spinal pressure

DOC (The decompression of choice) is the treatment equipment of the most advanced and modern Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation which specializes in treating problems arising from the spine such as disk herniation, disc degeneration, spinal degeneration…

The special feature of this device lies in the use of logarithmic power – a powerful support for reducing pressure inside disc – which widens the space between the joints, increases metabolism in the disk, nutrient hoarding and takes blood flow to the disc in order to heal wounds.

Another advantage of the DOC is the ability to focus on each distortion point of the spine accurately. The traction forces are calculated in accordance with the response of the muscles and joints to achieve optimal therapeutic effect, helping to reduce the pressure generated by the activities and habits of daily damage to the spine. In addition, the modern control system of the device also has the function of adjusting and monitoring the angle of inclination with many different positions (bend, stretch, tilt) to accurately locate the disc which is causing the pain to the patient.

iCCARE clinic seeks the way not only to help patients get rid of the pain but also to create optimal results, help patients recover quickly to return to daily activities which are considered as the ultimate goals.

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