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Causes of headache after childbirth

Headache after childbirth is common for women, which occurs shortly after birth. The disease is caused by a variety of causes, such as stress, or estrogen reduction.

Some women say that having a headache after childbirth is not too harmful, only a few days it will be gone, but those misconceptions will make you suffer from the disease more and more. Here are the causes and treatment of postpartum headache:

– Postnatal headaches occur mainly due to stress: after giving birth, women often fall into anxiety and stress due to caring for the baby.
– Some women with headaches during early pregnancy also have postpartum headaches.
– The sudden decrease in estrogen levels in the blood sharply causes high blood pressure leading to headaches.
– Spinal anesthesia also causes headaches for women. This period lasts 5 days to 1 week.
– The loss of blood after childbirth is also the cause of headache.


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