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What causes back pain and headache in working people?

What causes back pain and headache in working people?

Back pain and headache are two common health problems in working people in most industries and services. These are the two main reasons for exhaustion and which cause reduction in productivity. Two most recent studies of the leading scientists in the world on chiropractic have managed to determine the main factors causing musculoskeletal pain and headache in those workers.

The first study was conducted on office workers with high degree with computer usage (over 8 hours/day). They were asked to complete a questionnaire to determine the musculoskeletal symptoms and related risks. The findings showed that the most problematic areas for these workers were shoulders, necks and upper back. 60% surveyed people admitted having suffered a pain in one of these areas.

The causes for such pains were predetermined as mental stress. Particularly, pressure from great workload might considerably affect low back pain. Women had more risks of shoulder pain. This first study showed the importance of a complete interference to solve both physical and mental issues.

The second study primarily focused on headache as a combination of both physical and mental risks mentioned in the first study. This study aimed to determine psychological, social, occupational factors, at the same time predicted the seriousness of workers’ headaches. The most influential factors causing headaches were work conflicts, pressures from management, and losing control of time and work intensity.

In particular, stress over a prolonged time may intensify the chronic pain. Therefore, relaxation and stress management play an important role in minimizing headache symptoms. Another interesting instruction given is chiropractic treatment, which can help the body to cope with stress, while minimizing headache symptoms and back pain with unexpected results.

(Author: Megan Churchwell)

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