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Tennis elbow syndrome - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Tennis elbow syndrome

Tennis elbow syndrome

Tennis elbow syndrome, also known as elbow pain, is often present in people who play sports requiring frequent movements of elbow such as badminton, golf, bowling and so on.


  • When the body is over-stretched, where the stenosis of the muscles of the body is stretched – excessive stretching causes traumas in the muscles of the body, so the patient is suffering from fatigue
  • The size of the grip of racket is too large of too small.
  • Doing warm-up exercises improperly before a workout.
  • Playing sports when being weary may cause muscle pain.
  • Improper technique when playing tennis.
  • The net of racket is too stretching or the wet tennis ball is too heavy, which causes the elbow to become sorer than normal.


The fist symptom of Tennis elbow syndrome is that patient may feel painful when pressing against the elbow. If not treated instantly, serve pain may occur frequently…

Other symptoms include:

  • Pain incurred when patient stretches the wrists and hands, muscle pain outside the elbow.
  • Feeling painful when lifting heavy objects or when rolling wrists.
  • Feeling painful when clenching your hands or shaking hands and being stinging from the elbow to the forearm or upper arm.

In addition to tennis elbow syndrome, other diseases can also cause pain in the elbow. For example: elbow inflammation, nerve compression in neck and carpal tunnel syndrome…

Chiropractic will base on daily activities, recreational activities, movements causing pain outside the patient’s elbow or elbow X-rays or MRI to diagnose the disease. and provide the most appropriate treatment regimen.

If you have symptoms of Tennis elbow, please visit the ICC’s Chiropractor to get instant treatment to avoid long-term complications, which can lead to longer treatment time.

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