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Stiff neck pain (neck pain) and treatment - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Stiff neck pain (neck pain) and treatment

Stiff neck pain (neck pain) and treatment

Stiff neck pain is when the patient is very painful, tilting or turning his head to the right or left. It can be accompanied by headache, neck pain, shoulder pain or pain in the arm. The pain and inconvenience of stiff neck is when we feel very difficult to turn around.

Stiff neck is a common disease, but when it falls into this situation, the patient is still not painful and often lasts for several days. Neck stiffness usually occurs in the morning when you wake up or after a day of heavy activities or work.

The question is how everyone can control abnormal stiff neck pain, pain relief, short recovery time and when pain can occur.

1. Common causes:

Common causes of neck stiffness are sudden abdominal cramps or a ligamentous muscle that is dilated and flushed out of the normal position. In particular, the shoulder muscles tend to be vulnerable. This muscle is located at the back of the neck that attaches the spine to the neck with the shoulder controlled by the nerves of the spine C3, C4.

The shoulder lift can be hardened by daily activities such as:

  • Lie with your neck in a bad position.
  • Falling or being hit suddenly causes the head to be pushed to the side. For example, sports injuries or spinning of the head in the swing.
  • Sit shoulder-to-shoulder while working on a computer or bend over the phone for a long time (sometimes called a “text neck”).
  • Stress or long-term anxiety is the cause of neck strain.
  • The neck is bent in an abnormal position for an extended period of time, such as tilting the head, clamping the phone between the ear and the shoulder to talk on the phone. The cause of neck stiffness can be very clear and determined if the pain is present (eg after falling while participating in a sports program). However, there are cases where stiff neck is difficult to determine the exact cause.

2. Special causes:

Stiff neck is the reaction of the body when some part of the neck is distorted or degraded. The archaic spinal column protects the marrow and helps the neck to flex. Some examples of dysfunction of the spine leading to very stiff muscular symptoms include:
Hereditary spine disc herniation: When the defibrillation rings of the disc are fractured, the mucus inside the disc spills outward and is compressed and inflamed by the surrounding organ:

Degeneration of the vertebral column: When the disc loses water inside the mucus, it decreases the thickness. Over time, pressures will increase on joints, overlap nerves and soft organs such as ligaments and muscles. This degeneration is the cause of neck pain and stiff neck.

Thoái hoá đĩa đệm cột sống cổ: Khi đĩa đệm mất đi phần nước bên trong nhân nhầy dẫn đến làm giảm độ dày. Qua thời gian, các áp lực sẽ gia tăng lên các khớp, đè lên các dây thần kinh và các tổ chức mềm như dây chằng và cơ. Quá trinh thoái hoá này là nguyên nhân dẫn đến đau cổ và cứng cổ.

Arthritis of the neck: Arthritis will destroy the joints in the spine between the vertebrae. This condition occurs in parallel with other degenerative problems such as spinal stenosis, spinal deformity (bone spondylosis).

In addition to the above mentioned causes, there are several rare cases that cause stiff neck due to inflammation or tumors.

3. Stiff neck symptoms:

Stiff neck pain can vary from mild to uncomfortable to extremely painful, even rigid and completely limiting movements. Especially when it is necessary to turn left or right, it is painful to stop the rotation.

Recovery time depends on the activity and work of each person. For example: If a person doing driving work has a severe neck stiffness that makes the person feel unbearable pain every time they turn around, the driver must avoid or limit work if it is not painful more.

Should and should not be stiff neck: When experiencing stiff neck pain, the first two days of soft tissue damage should have the opportunity to recover. It is very important to use a cold or continuous heat for the first 2-3 days (hot or cold depending on the condition). Wearing a neck brace is something that experts recommend should not be used. Also, during this time, the person with stiffness of the neck should try to turn the neck and perform normal neck movements, especially after the first day or two if the pain is severe

When to see a doctor: If stiffness does not improve after 5 days, you should see a doctor. However, if the stiff neck that accompanies such symptoms as fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, or somnolence is not necessary, see your doctor immediately.

To help prevent neck stiffness, Chiropractic practitioners will help you analyze the cause of neck stiffness and have treatment regimens that are appropriate for each condition as well as the cause for recovery. Best and lasting health, limit the return of stiff neck if the cause does not come from occupational habits or accidental abnormalities.


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