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Scoliosis - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic




  • The primary cause of Scoliosis in children is the improper seating posture, sideways while studying at school or studying at home.
  • Classroom furniture doesn’t have the correct size, the gap between the table and chair is too large leading to that children stoop for long periods of time, so children are prone to be humpbacked.
  • Carrying over-weight school bags worn on a side of shoulder at school also affects much and causes shoulder pain, scoliosis.

The condition of the curvature of the spine may be, more or less, leads to various degrees of malformation, which are generally classified into three categories:

  • Scoliosis Grade 1: When standing upright, there is a twisting of the spine but the shape of the scoliosis is not obvious, so it is difficult to detect with naked eyes. In general, respiratory function is not affected.
  • Scoliosis Grade 2: When standing upright, the shape of the curvature of the spine can be seen from behind the back, convexity of the ribs because of swirled vertebras. It starts to affect the respiratory function.
  • Scoliosis Grade 3: The deviated posture, curved spinal curve can be clearly seen which affects clearly the respiratory process, can cause pelvic distortion, in case the subject is woman, it is the obstacle to childbirth.

In severe cases, the muscles are stretched and painful, the cervical spines may be deformed, the heart can be displaced, the length of the back is shortened. Pelvis can also be rotated in a deviation direction, the abdominal organs can also move the position.

According to the statistics of the school health program in Hanoi, about 19% of students showed signs of curvature of the spine, of which males accounted for 19.6%, females accounted for nearly 18.5%. The rate of students at the secondary school with scoliosis is about 22.2%; primary education is 30.8%; secondary education is 18.8%. The disease usually has no symptoms in the early stages. If a child has scoliosis at an early age, it will affect the development of the body, which will show sore signs in the long run.

Scoliosis can occur at any age. The disease develops most rapidly in puberty(10-17 years in girls, especially in menacme, 12-18 years in boys), and females have more diseases with higher rate of 9 females/ 1 male. Many studies have shown that scoliosis is more common in children with neurological deficits, developmental imbalances, and more common in twins.

Normally, the speed of scoliosis increases by 1.7% per year and the “peak” time of scoliosis is 12 years. Thus, at 11-14 years of age, children who have been diagnosed with scoliosis at different levels before that they were required to be examined every three months to detect the progress of disease accurately. If untreated, children with scoliosis develops their height slowly, which can cause distortion in the chest and pelvis frame and also affect heart and lung.

ICCARE clinic is treating Scoliosis with the efficient spine- bone- joint Chiropractic method.


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