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Regular Chiropractic treatment prevents lumbar pain

Regular Chiropractic treatment prevents lumbar pain

Lumbar pain is extremely common and costs a lot of money for treatment. It is estimated that the direct and indirect costs of treating chronic back pain amount to $ 100 billion a year in the United States.Recently research suggests that “the reason for the high costs is due to the high rate of chronic relapse and disability associated with back pain.” They estimate the cost of 10% of patients with low back pain to over 80% of the total cost associated with back pain.

Due to the high cost of treating lumbago, many studies have focused on prevention. A recent study examines the benefits of chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain. A study of 30 people with back pain for at least 6 months. The study began with a free month of treatment, which helped researchers track a “control period” of back pain symptoms. After this period, half of the patients treated with chiropractic, including 12 times of treatment per month, will not receive further treatment in the next 9 months. Other groups received the same initial treatment, maintained with Chiropractic every 3 weeks for a period of 9 months. At the end of this period, the researchers examined both groups.

The study authors found that:

  • Both groups of patients have pain relief. Even without follow-up visits, one month of Chiropractic treatment reduces pain.
  • Pain levels show different responses. Patients on an intermittent treatment showed that the degree of pain returned to that of the pre-treatment level, while those treated maintained the improvement and progression throughout the nine months of the trial.

The researchers concluded that their study confirmed that lumbago was reduced after adjusting the spine. They added, “Chiropractic shows the positive effects of maintenance therapy in maintaining motor function and reducing the number and intensity of pain after acute phase. Chiropractic care includes spinal manipulation combined with a variety of therapies (exercises, pain management). This combined interventions can have a positive impact on pain and return to work.”

(Author: Megan Churchwell)

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