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Reasons leading to Spine degeneration - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Reasons leading to Spine degeneration

Reasons leading to Spine degeneration

Age and job characteristics are one of the most common causes leading to spine degeneration. The disease at serve level can cause complicated complications such as headache, dysphagia, nausea, dizziness, numbness and so on…

A cold wave striking and an uncomfortable position at night can cause neck pain the following morning. The person who suffers from neck pain is not able to walk and afraid of coughs or sneezes. Some people have pain in the back part of the neck or the nape spreading onto the right one. Others who may suffer from continuous pain cannot turn to the right or the left side rather than turn the whole body…

Many jobs that require frequent bending, heavy carrying on the head or sitting in front of the computer screen cause the workers’ normal structure of cervical spine to be distorted, resulting in the modification in the bone tissues, ligaments and muscles or the formation of vertebra bony.

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