Tingling sensation in the hands, feet and joints often appears associated with neck pain. While many factors affect these “circular” sensations, it may also be due to the wrong posture, however this is usually the result of compression or stimulation into the spinal cord roots.

Or do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome?

Numbness or pain in your arm or hand is often mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome, in fact the problem comes from a pinched spinal cord or cervical spine dislocation. Wrong diagnosis mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome occurs if no examination or testing is performed to determine exactly where the problem originates.

Causes of numbness:

The causes usually originate from the neck. Probably the most common is limiting the motion of more than one vertebra. This can cause direct compression on the nerve roots away from the spine or muscle tension, which can also produce pressure on the nerve root.

Factors such as degeneration or spinal disc swelling narrow the area of nerve impedances in the spinal column and lead to neurological stimuli. Those who with bulging or degenerative discs, however, can still achieve good results with Chiropractic if the vertebrae are normally restored with the manipulation of the vertebrae.

How does Chiropractic help?

According to study and examination, your Chiropractor can help determine whether numbness comes from your spine or other causes.

Vascular dysfunction affects ability of your nervous system to communicate normally, brings efficiency to cells of body- resulting in pain, body dysfunction or in many cases, leading to numbness of the extremities. By relocating the vertebra dislocations, your numbness comes from spine and nervous system, which can be reduced or eliminated completely.

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