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Neck pain

Neck pain

Neck pain and neck stiffness are caused by deviations and lesions in the vertebrae. If the patient does not receive instant treatment, the spinal degeneration, the slipped discs or nerve compression may happen soon.

Problems in the neck are often caused by the wrong posture when sitting in front of the computer, sports injuries or… There are four types of neck pain:

1. Agony of cervical column:

Agony of cervical column incurs due to the complicate interaction between muscle and joint. The symptom is the soreness in the neck or shoulder. A quite common symptom is the stiffness when the neck makes movements in many directions or when the patient is having a headache. The symptoms of a headache are often diagnosed and treated as those of a migraine but the treatment is unsuccessful.

2. Whiplash-Associated Disorder (WAD):

The reason for the most common vehicles collision (passive and active) is the neck spinal dysfunction, the symptoms of which are similar to the neck spasms.

3. Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve):

Pinched nerve is characterized by the movement and/or sensation adjustment in the neck and arm, which is the result of pressure compressed on the nerve roots in the cervical column. Pain in cervical spine is often more serious due to the movements of arm and head.

4. Spinal cord disease:

Spinal cord disease is also the result of external pressure that is the pressure reducing space available in the spinal canal of the spinal cord. More common signs include: clumsiness, weakness and numbness in the upper and lower limbs.

The most common method to “cure” neck pain is to relax the muscles; however, like the painkillers, it does not remove the source but only relieve the symptoms in the short-term.

Chiropractic will help alleviate the neck pain and eliminate any inconvenience. When you visit iCCare, we will perform a series of tests and conduct thorough examinations to find out the causes of the neck pain.

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