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Neck and back pain – common disease of office worker. - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Neck and back pain – common disease of office worker.

Neck and back pain – common disease of office worker.

1) Why is office work becoming a real pain in back and neck?

Acording to statistic: 85% of the young office workers in America have suffered from this disease, which is called the disease of epoch.

Most of office workers have to sit in front of the computer or have business discussion for hours and forget that spending much of the day in a seated position can leave spine sore, stiff and in pain. Too much sitting puts stress on the muscles, discs, and neck, and this irritates, encroaches nerves and blood vessels.

In addition, the office workers have poor posture, which is caused by bad habits from everyday activities such as hunchback sitting, crook sitting, side sitting, without – leaning sitting or using unstandardized chairs. As a result, the symptoms of neck and back pain appears and after a long period, it will lead to diseases related to spine like: muscle tension, spinal misalignment, herniated disk, inflamed nerves…

All of the reasons above are the cause of neck and back pain.

2) What are the symptoms and signs?

Initially, patients feel weary in back and neck. The pain gradually spreads to other areas such as shoulder, hands, back pain spreads down to the bottom and legs. Patients also get headaches, dizziness, palpitations, blurry vision, insomnia… these symptoms are often misdiagnosed with blood pressure, heart pain, ischemia and vestibular disease.

3) What is the result if not choosing the right time to treat?

The longer the incubation is, the harder the possibility of the successful treatment will be. Patients not only suffer more but also have risk of spreading pain to other areas. More seriously, patients have possibility of muscule cramp, vertebrae misalignment, pelvic deformity, disc herniation, arms and shoulder can not move, difficulty in walking or paralysation one-side and pain…

According to the American scientists, 95% of the disease originates from nerves that are pinched by the distorted vertebrae. Drugs, injections or even surgery can not solve the deviations of the vertebrae. To solve this problem, chiropractors need to use spinal device to help pulled muscle relax. As a result, the pinched nerves are released and twisted blood vessels are fixed.

If you have fatigue symptoms, you should see a Chiropractic doctor for prompt consultation and treatment.

To avoid this, you should limit sit, break more and be obliged to sit the standard seat is backrest and smooth cushion.

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