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Lumbar pain - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Lumbar pain

Lumbar pain

Back pain and spinal problems are among the most common. While painkillers or muscle relaxants can help your back problems, it is only a temporary solution that does not cure the root cause of the problem you are experiencing. These medications usually cure the symptoms, but not cure the underlying problem, so your pain comes back after not using the medication.

On average, about 80% of the population will experience back pain at some moments in their life, men suffer from this disease a bit more than women. Back pain also occurs in young people between the ages of 16 and 24, although it is the most common in middle-aged people.

Non-medicine treatment with lumbar pain:

Studies have shown that chiropractic manipulation for patients with lower back pain results in faster, better and more cost-effective recovery compared to other treatments.

Chiropractic and lumbar pain:

Chiropractic care and treatment are more effective than outpatient method (mainly for patients with chronic or severe back pain). The benefits of chiropractic care and treatment become clearer throughout the whole process. The results also show that Chiropractic is more effective.

There are over 60 scientific studies that demonstrate the value of Chiropractic care and treatment now, which is the most cost-effective and effective form for spinal, cervical, and thoracic dysfunction.

For patients with acute lower back pain symptoms without shooting pain, scientific evidence suggests that spinal manipulation is effective in relieving pain and may speed up recovery speed in the first month when having symptoms.

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