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How is texting harming your neck? - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

How is texting harming your neck?

How is texting harming your neck?

Have you ever wondered: On average, how many minutes a day you spend on texting, checking email, playing games, searching for downloadable phone applications? Ten minutes? Twenty minutes? Sixty minutes? Or even more?

A recent research found that young women usually spent 10 hours a day using mobile phone. An inconceivable number!

Whether you are spending time texting or conducting any other business on your phone or not, there will be an impact on your cervical vertebrae, which will later have a great influence on your health and movement abilities.

Effects of texting on your neck vertebra.

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, Head of New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation had studied and showed that the force of tilting your head forward in a long time may harm your neck. The more your head tilts ahead, the greater the pressures become.

The head weighs around 11 pounds on average. Therefore, when you are standing or sitting with good posture (defined as when the back, head, neck and shoulders…), there is about 11 pounds of gravitational force pressing on your neck vertebra.

If you just slightly lean forward, which creates a 15 degree angle in your neck, then the pressure will double, increasing to 27 pounds. Basically, your body must support a 27-pound head, and the neck vertebrae must increase the pressure to hold that 27-pound object.

The more your head tilts forward, the greater the pressure on your neck gets. For example, Dr. Hansraj has found that when your head tilts 30 degrees forward, the pressure on your neck will increase by 40 pound. Similarly, when your head tilts 45 degrees, your neck will have to support a pressure of 50 pounds. Undoubtedly, that is the main cause of neck pain after a long time spent on your mobile phone.

Will the neck pain reduce if you stop texting?

Realizing this fact is the first step to correcting the issue. The second step involves changing your habit and spending less time on your mobile phone. When using the mobile phone, you had better raise it to your eye level. Of course, chiropractic adjustment might help adjusting your neck vertebra to the correct positions. But remember, it is better to prevent neck pain by changing the phone habit than any treatment.

(Author: Michael Melton)

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