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Headache and migraine - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Headache and migraine

Headache and migraine

A variety of commonly used drugs can control headache or migraine but it helps to release pain only, not treats the underlying causes.

3 types of common headache disorders:

1. Headache causes from neck injury.

Start from neck. The pain is usually dull or aching, and appears on the neck, head, temples, forehead, or eye area. The pain may also be any combination of all these areas. Feeling can affect one side or the other.

2. Tension-type headache.

A tension headache feels like a tight band around the forehead, temples, neck and behind the eyes. It can cause mild, moderate pain and not much pain when doing physical activity. Chronic tension-type headache occurring every 6 months and patients may not feel discomfortable or painful.

3. Migraine.

Migraine is extremely painful, sometimes it is more painful than headache and is often accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light, sound or smell. This type of headache often involves only one-side of the head but in some cases, patients may have pain bilaterally or on both side at the same time.

Headaches, migraine or tension-type headache are caused by neck lesions. The nervous system is like a network that sends messages back and front from the brain to different parts of the body (including neck part) and the lesions in this area will give problem to other parts of body.

This is where the link between neck part and headaches become clearer. If the vertebrae are out of alignment, chronic headache will happen. Unless the neck lesions are completely treated, the symptoms will still the same.

Chiropractic approach helps to rearrange misaligned vertebrae to the orginal status that can help eliminate headaches.

Chiropractic and Headaches

Patients who have chronic headache will consider Chiropractic as a help in term of adjusting spine to rest the stretched muscle, reduce stimulated nerves. Research shows that patients with migrane response positively after having chiropractic treatment. With patients who use drug uselessly will need to see doctor then check carefully.

A report of the effectiveness of Chiropractic care was published in September 2001 by Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

Titled “Chiropractic treatment (SMT),” the report focuses on patients with chronic headaches. Data for this report were collected from 9 trials involving 683 patients with chronic headache.

In this study, the effects of chiropractic manipulation were compared to the effects of massage and medications that provided short-term pain relief. Subjects were monitored for up to six weeks after having a month of treatment.

The results showed that the Chiropractic group was better than the massage groups. Drug-receiving groups also had pain relief. However, the side effect of adverse drug reactions was significantly higher than the Chiropractic group.

This difference has indicated a great advantage of Chiropractic over medications.

If your headache lasts more than three months, meet a chiropractic doctor, who knows how to reduce joint pain and migraines.

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