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Disc herniation

Thoát vị đĩa đệm

The cushion consists of outer fibers, made up of tough, and mucus in the form of glue inside. The disc is located between the vertebrae, which acts as an elastic support for the spine, which makes the spine move, bend, tilt, rotate.

When the fibrous structure is weakened by the breakdown of some of the fibers, combined with a reduced function of the vertebrae, the mucosal pressure exerts itself, exerting pressure on the roots, nerves or spinal cord. – that is the disk herniation.

Symptoms: Patients with pain in the spine position suffer from long-term damage and can spread along the path of the nerves. If the hernia in the lumbar spine, the patient can spread pain to the thighs, knees, feet, toes… If the hernia in the neck will cause dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, migraines It can be painful to the arms, hands, fingers… If for a long time, mucus inserted into the spinal cord will cause scabies, sensory disorders or loss of sensation in the hands, feet…

Symptoms of disk herniation and spinal cord alignment are identical, so finding the right one is very important, requiring modern equipment and specialist knowledge of the physician.

Disc herniation has four levels:

  • At stage 1 and 2 mucosal cells have not escaped from the fibrous capsule around them, Chiro is very simple, does not take much time. But many patients have missed this stage (Golden Time for the treatment of herniated discs) because the symptoms are only fatigue, numbness, loss of sensation and pain not severe.
  • At stages 3 and 4, part of the mucus has escaped from the fibrous tissue, which inserts into the nerve or spinal cord causing pain, loss or loss of function of the nerve that regulates. maximal spinal movement … At this time only measures are surgical intervention.

Most patients with disc herniation are symptomatic treated only: injections, drugs, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. But these methods do not help patients to treat the disease.

At iCCARE, modern chiropractic equipment such as Hi-Low Chiro, Chiro Stimulation, Chiro Percussion, etc. should be used to easily adjust the spine, muscle and mucus back to the original position. The advantage of this method is the intermittent treatment process that allows the body to have time to activate the self-regulating mechanism – the natural survival instinct of the human – the only safe way to cure permanently.

In order to be completely cured, treatment can be performed 2-3 times per week or longer depending on the patient’s locus of illness and the severity of the illness.

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