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Different remedies for spine degeneration

Different remedies for spine degeneration

Spine degeneration (also called degeneration of spinal column) is one of the names of degenerative conditions of the spinal column due to various reasons related to works, activities or ages.

The treatment for degenerative cervical vertebrae is generally similar to the one for degenerative lumbar vertebrae. Spinal degeneration is usually painless as it only causes pain upon affecting the disc in the injured cervical spine, inflammation of the nerve roots whereby or the tension and injury of the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Conservation method:

Patients may ease the ache by applying ice or heating or doing exercises peculiar to the neck and shoulder (self-training or with the assistance of specialists) to reduce muscular stiffness and maintain flexibility. Doctors will exert a direct impact to adjust the disc at the degenerative spine back to its initial position with the Traction device.

Special exercises such as stretching are essential to maintain the flexibility of the neck, thus reducing chronic neck stiffness. These specific exercises should follow the instructions of therapists or specialists. Some exercises can be done everyday including:

  • 1. Pull your chin against the neck, which will stretch the neck muscles.
  • 2. Rotation exercises: rotate the neck to the left, then slowly to the right.
  • 3. Watching blue sky exercise: neck up, stretching the muscles of the front part of the neck and chest.
  • 4. Stretching exercise for neck: This exercise aims to stretch the muscles of the neck to the maximum. It can be done by putting one hand on the head but not pulling or pushing the neck and head towards the shoulders.

Note: patients are not allowed to do those exercises, in lieu of following the doctors’ instructions as each is under different state of illness.

Chiropractic method at iCCare can alleviate pain by stretching the neck and shoulder with the aim of creating more space for the disc in the injured vertebra.

Neck braces, neck pillows or neck pulling methods can be used to stabilize and increase the stability of the vertebrae so that the pressure compressing on the disc does not accelerate as the patient sleeps or relaxes.

All above is the treatment of cervical degeneration, preferably in the form of exercise, sports and the supplement of lubricants. Yoga is also one of the solutions for prevention and support of degenerative diseases related to the neck and back.

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