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Degenerative disc disease and Chiropractic treatment - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Degenerative disc disease and Chiropractic treatment

Degenerative disc disease and Chiropractic treatment

Basically degenerative disc disease is defined as the fibrous tissue outside of the disc that has ruptured causing the mucus inside to leak out. As we age, the amount of water in the disc tends to decrease and the disc becomes drier. In fact, degenerative discs can cause pain or pain. In painless cases, magnetic resonance imaging will clearly show the presence of degenerative disc disease while the patient does not feel much. In cases of degenerative discs, the pain is caused when the fibrous tissue is torn off causing the organic part of the disc to leak out. The organic part of the leak causes inflammation in the area of the disc of the disc, where the nerves pass through, so the inflammation will irritate the nerves.

When degenerative disc disease causes lumbar or neck pain, which leads to more severe symptoms such as numbness, numbness… the direction of treatment will focus on reducing inflammation around the disc, The back is stretched, extending the “inner disc space” ie the distance between the vertebrae helps to reduce the pressure on the injured disc. The Chiropractic’s effect is to correct misaligned disc space, widen the gap between vertebrae and physical therapy to treat hardened back muscles and strengthen back muscles, the neck muscles help relieve pressure on the disc, allowing the damaged disc to recover and the pain will gradually decrease but the goal is that the pain will not return.

During treatment with a Chiropractic physician, depending on the condition of the disease, the physician will appoint treatment equipment such as ultrasound, electrocardiogram, spinal decompression bed to shorten the recovery time and cure.

In some rare or very severe cases, the disc is too poor to operate, persistent pain and severe damage to quality of life. Chirpractic practitioners also evaluate the chances of non-invasive treatment is not of course a good time to talk to the spine surgeon about the surgical procedure that needs to be performed.

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