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Chiropractic method - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic method

Chiropractic method

Chiropractic is a vertebra adjustment. Chiropractors use force by hand adjusting the deviations of the vertebrae causing pain to restore the spine system back to normal functioning.

There are 24 vertebrae on the vertebra column having the function of protecting marrow. When those vertebrae deviate leading to the limitation of movements, sensitive neural tissues will be simulated or blocked. Those tissues are responsible for directing sensations; therefore, patients often feel painful or numb when vertebrae are deviated.

In an orthodox treatment session of Chiropractors, deviated areas of vertebra column or parts degenerating into spikes should be detected. In those cases, Chiropractic is an ultimate method to restore the vertebra column back to its natural condition as much as possible. In USA, millions of patients each day are satisfied with Chiropractic treatment to maintain a good heath condition rather than other methods such as taking medicine, surgery and so on.

Suitable for each patient:

Each adjustment is exactly distributed:

There are several methods to adjust the vertebra column. Chiropractors’ hands or a specifically designed equipment are used to exert an appropriate force. After years of training, each Chiropractor chooses his/her own method which has become his/her own typical skill. Using any skills, the treatment method has to be suitable for the age and dimension of vertebra column and the specific health condition of each patient.

Chiropractic is a safe treatment method that can be even used for infants and children. Those should receive early remedy to solve the skeletal problems caused at birth and by learning how to walk or other childhood injuries, if any.

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