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Chiropractic adjustments on spine immediately improves sensitive vertebrae. - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic adjustments on spine immediately improves sensitive vertebrae.

Chiropractic adjustments on spine immediately improves sensitive vertebrae.

New study shows that spinal adjustments can result in immediate improvement in cervical joint function, particularly in neck. A study from Korea Nazarene University has found that chiropractic adjustments on spine can improve flexibility, neck mobility in patients with neck pain or whiplash.

Joint position sense is a major component of proprioception. The body’s awareness and ability to control your limbs are possible thanks to this joint position sense. Patients with neck pain and whiplash show affected joint position sense in neck and upper limbs. This also limits speed and accuracy of joint movements. Neck adjustments performed by chiropractors, after a period of experiment, significantly improved elbow joint position sense. However, the question remains whether such performance works effectively on healthy person without neck pain.

Another study conducted by a group of South Korean doctors selected 30 healthy volunteers. Half the volunteers were given neck adjustments and gentle massage, while the other half were given massage only. Participants were instructed to position their neck in six different angles (for example, 35-degree flexion and 35-degree extension). This would result in dislocation of neck vertebrae.

All participants responded that they clearly felt the improvement in cervical joint function after the treatment. However, those having neck adjustments showed better improvements particularly in two of the angles measured (left lateral flexion and left rotation). Researchers concluded that massage had the capacity to improve support treatment, but the combined treatment of neck adjustments and massage was the most effective for increasing range of motion. This explained why neck pain was immediately reduced after the first chiropractic session.

(Author: Marissa Luck)

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