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Children with curvature of the spine

In severe cases, the muscles are stretched and painful, the breasts may be deformed, the heart is lunged, the length of the back is shortened. Pelvis can also be rotated away, the abdominal organs can also translate the position. Early treatment is of particular importance in preventing spinal distortion leading to postural and postural distortion, even affecting respiratory and circulatory capacity.

Possible causes are:

1. Medical researchers believe that as soon as the baby is in the womb there is a lot of potential risk for spinal disorders such as: Thai back, baby posture in the womb is shrunken by Insufficient space in the case of miscarriage, ovarian injury, poor maternal nutrition, pregnancy poisoning or mothers with certain diseases during pregnancy may also cause the spine to become defective. In the process of birth or caesarean section, the use of fetal suction or pull the baby’s neck also cause serious injury not only to the spine but also to the brain of the child. Even if the child has undergone birth, the deviation of the vertebrae still occurs. Infants with weak neck, if they do not know how to hold their neck, will be hurt and cause spinal distortion. When placing a baby in the car, put the baby’s strap in the baby’s seat to protect it well. moving vehicles, head and spine of the child also move to the rhythm, this posture put a lot of pressure on the spine.

2. During the first years, the spine of the baby grows by 50%, and as the baby grows, the more likely it is to hurt. When the toddler runs, runs, falls, falls, etc. And his parents believed that he was okay because of no external injuries, but the traumatic incisions that the eyes could not see were huge. This is why most children need to check for spikes. Vertebrae and the physiological curve of the spine often for neural and orthopedic intervention (even without signs) during the development of the child.

3. At school age, sitting posture affects a lot to the spine. Usually at this age the child is prone to curvature, hunched… On the other hand wearing too heavy weight compared with body weight or wearing pairs. The imbalance between the two should certainly cause distortion of the vertebrae or shoulder deflection. The obvious cause for bone, joint and spine diseases later. From these biases will lead to other instability in Internal organs: heart, lungs, even physiological functions.

4. Palmer, an American from 120 years ago, suggested that autism might be responsible for spinal distortions. If stress is a factor that distorts the spine in adults, the effect is similar. Self can occur in children. Sometimes we can forget the stressors that exist in children’s daily life: school, examinations, friends, family discord, and psychological changes during puberty. All of these things are too common nowadays and children are having to deal with such problems.

If you know of a child who does not have orthopedic care and who suffers from one of the following problems, please call the parents to bring the child to bones and joints.

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