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Back pain and common emotional problems - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Back pain and common emotional problems

Lumbar pain is a common and easy-to-find disease, although you have a regular diet, diet, regular exercise and follow your doctor’s prescription.

You can eat science, do hard work and exercise regularly, do everything your doctor says or even if your body is in a very good state, but whether Lumbar pain is always the cause of problems.

For some people with mild illness, lumbar pain only causes minor and transient discomfort. But for many ill people, lumbar pain lasts many days, affecting the quality of work and life.

When the pain becomes chronic, it affects other body functions and the emotional state of the person. Gerard Schofferman – Head of Rehabilitation – Interventional Treatment and American Spine Care “The lumbar pain can become a black hole suddenly appearing in any life, “says Spine Society, director of research and education at the San Francisco Chiropractic Medical Group. Whenever possible, all the pain will go away when back pain gets better.”

For low back pain, choosing the right treatment will help the person recover quickly and not suffer from persistent pain.

Back pain and common emotional problems

Pain and feelings.

Back pain not only affects health but also affects quality of life especially chronic pain. The patient will not be able to concentrate, and often in the memory of forgetfulness. It also affects sleep and causes anorexia in patients. According to Dr. Robert N. Jamison – Assoc. Department of Anesthesia and Psychiatry, Boston Children’s Hospital, said: People with chronic back pain or constant pain will often be anxious and they will be difficult to work well in the job and Daily life. With all that stress, “It is very likely that people become depressed, anxious and irritated,” said Dr. Jamision.

Pain is not just an uncomfortable feeling that runs through the spinal system, but also causes other problems such as cognitive, emotional, and thought. The more anxious the patient, the more painful pain will be.

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