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A speedy and economic recovery from back pain with chiropractic - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

A speedy and economic recovery from back pain with chiropractic

A speedy and economic recovery from back pain with chiropractic

Backache is one of the most common health problems among young office workers. If not treated properly, the lower back pain might develop into a prolonged and painful condition leading to various disorders related to the vertebral columns such as disc syndrome, and spine degeneration… To avoid a life-long treatment with the possibility of a negative financial impact, early and effective treatment is a wise option for the long-term health conditions.

According to a research in 2012, people spent approximately 635 million USD on medical therapy each year, the majority of which is spent on treating lumbar pain. Another research points out that Chiropractic treatment is an effective method without using drug, surgery or medicine. The patients treated by Chiropractic recover more rapidly and save much more expenses than others using drugs or another methods.

An experiment conducted on 5511 patients by Canadian doctors in Ontario gave a surprising result about their first choice of backache remedies: using medicines, treating with Chiropractic or consulting therapists.

The research showed that patients treated with Chiropractic had the shortest time of recovery and incurred the least expenses. 75% of those never suffered from recurring pain, wheareas 56,8% of those who use therapies still consulted a medical doctor or used medicine oftenly.

Since then, researchers have drawn a conclusion: The first choice of methods for backache is the determined factor for how long patients are treated and how much money they will spend in next 5 months. Chiropractic patients will recuperate most briskly and save most money.

Blanchette M, Rivard M, Dionne CE, et al. “Journal of Rehabilitation Labor” September 17, 2016.

(Written by: Michael Melton – September 19, 2016)

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