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20 minutes exercise a day helps reducing risks of back pain

20 minutes exercise a day helps reducing risks of back pain

A recent study found that a 10 minutes’ walk a day may reduce risk of back pain to 32% if you are overweight.

Most of us know that overweight, obesity or inactiveness increases the risk of back pain. But recently, the first major research has studied the impact of daily exercises on musculoskeletal system. The study conducted on 6796 adults in the health and nutrition survey published in the Spine magazine. The results confirmed that overweight people are likely to suffer from daily back pain. The risk of low back pain was 2.9% in normal weight people (BMI 20-25), 5.2% in overweight people (BMI 26-60), 7.7% in the obese (BMI 31-35), and 11.6% in ultra-obese (BMI 36 or more).

A small change in physical activity will directly impact the risk of low back pain in such people. The risk of low back pain in overweight people is reduced by 32% if they increase physical activities by 20 minutes a day. Moderate physical activities might be walking, gardening or cycling. In ultra-obese people, an increase of only one minute a day can reduce the risk by 38%.

These findings provide data for the chiropractic industry over the last years. This is why many chiropractors recommend the patients to lose weight by moderate daily exercises to prevent and reduce back pain. In fact, the previous study showed that overweight could reduce the effect of physiology and other non-invasive treatment for patients with back pain.

Currently, there are two theories explaining why obese have greater risks of back pain than normal people. Probably the weight of obese people may create changes on the spine. Or else, metabolic changes may lead to hormonal changes and inflammation. However, whether any theory is true, it is undeniable that the body weight is connected to and directly impact risks of low back pain.

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