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Spine Degeneration Archives - Page 2 of 3 - ICCARE - International Chiropractic Clinic

Spine Degeneration

Chiropractic treatment for osteophyte

Definition: “Osteophyte” is an inaccurate term which is absolutely antonymous with the name implying any certain organism (possibly a nerve cord) outgrowing from a bone. Osteophyte is soft due to...

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Low back pain caused by lumbar degeneration

The degeneration process occurs naturally: the intervertebral disc contains over 80% of water, making it spongy to play the good role of a buffer. However, the older people get, the...

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Neck pain

Neck pain and neck stiffness are caused by deviations and lesions in the vertebrae. If the patient does not receive instant treatment, the spinal degeneration, the slipped discs or nerve...

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Uncovered whiplash cases alarming

Scientists found that whiplash caused by accidents is one of the most difficult injuries to recover compared to other musculoskeletal injuries. A study published in BMC Public Health shows that,...

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How is texting harming your neck?

Have you ever wondered: On average, how many minutes a day you spend on texting, checking email, playing games, searching for downloadable phone applications? Ten minutes? Twenty minutes? Sixty minutes?...

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20 minutes exercise a day helps reducing risks of back pain

A recent study found that a 10 minutes’ walk a day may reduce risk of back pain to 32% if you are overweight. Most of us know that overweight, obesity...

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Chiropractic adjustments on spine immediately improves sensitive vertebrae.

New study shows that spinal adjustments can result in immediate improvement in cervical joint function, particularly in neck. A study from Korea Nazarene University has found that chiropractic adjustments on...

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Why you should see a chiropractor first when you have a back pain

Depending on the cause of your back pain, you need different treatment to enhance your recovery process. A suggestion is to see a chiropractor first before you start any type...

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Causes for spinal degeneration risks

Learning the causes of spinal degeneration It is necessary to learn the causes of spinal degeneration. Despite the condition is not fatal, it is bothering our daily life. When we...

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