02/04/2018 07:53:30

Scoliosis: The primary cause of Scoliosis in children is the improper seating posture, sideways while studying at school or studying at home. Classroom furniture doesn’t have the correct size, the...

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Children with curvature of the spine

29/08/2018 22:57:41

In severe cases, the muscles are stretched and painful, the breasts may be deformed, the heart is lunged, the length of the back is shortened. Pelvis can also be rotated...

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Spine and nerves

29/08/2018 23:01:12

Spinal cord and nerves Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. When your nervous system works well, your body knows how to self-heal, adjust and...

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DO Treatment of scoliosis need surgery?

29/08/2018 23:18:33

Treatment of scoliosis where safe and effective is always a question of many patients when they are in need of consultation, consultation and cure scoliosis. However, there are now too...

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